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Exercise Equipment for Home Physiotherapy

One frequently asked question regarding home physiotherapy for the elderly is ‘What exercise equipment do I need to prepare?’ This question can be answered three-fold: Often the physiotherapist will recommend what exercise equipment is required after a detailed assessment of the elderly’s condition;  The requirement for exercise equipment may change over time as the elderly …

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Home physiotherapy

How Does Home Physiotherapy Work for Elderly

Struck by operation, disease or frailty, the elderly may regress to reduced activity levels or even be home-bound/bed-bound. Halting this regression as much as possible and rehabilitating their mobility, strength, and balance will significantly improve the elderly’s well-being. However, sometimes it may not be convenient for the family to arrange time-off or transport to bring …

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Knee cap pain

Knee cap pain

What is Knee Cap Pain It is also known as Patellofemoral Joint Pain (PFPS). Patella is a small round bone at the front of the knee, located in front of the thigh bone, forming a joint with the latter. Some people develop pain in this joint, resulting in restrictions in squatting, jumping, running, negotiating stairs …

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Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder dislocation

What is a shoulder dislocation? Shoulder dislocation occurs when the shoulder joint comes out of the socket (i.e. the humeral head comes out of the glenoid). Two main types of shoulder dislocation: Traumatic shoulder dislocation Atraumatic shoulder dislocation Traumatic shoulder dislocation How does traumatic shoulder dislocation happen? It is usually associated with (a) high impact force …

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Exercise is Medicine

To keep our body healthy, we need to do what it feels the most comfortable. And yes, you guess it right, our body feels the most comfortable when we move it regularly.  Almost all our body parts are designed to move, even our internal organs – our heart beats, our lungs expand, our gut moves, …

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