Home Physiotherapy

"Ivy is knowledgeable and goes the extra mile in getting the physiotherapy equipment for home use. Her therapy sessions helped me build strength on my legs and I have more confidence in walking now."
Joyce Chan
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what can you expect from heartland physio's home physiotherapy?

Home Physiotherapy

we provide peace of mind by

- Rehabilitating your loved ones and restoring their functions to their full physical potential possible;
- Motivating your loved ones to stay active - through listening, communicating and sharing of experiences;
- Training caregivers on how to help your loved ones in rehabilitation exercises.

Home Physiotherapy

We provide flexibility by

- Conducting the physiotherapy session at the convenience of your home;
- Discussing with you a flexible appointment timing arrangement;
- Taking your enquiries to clear doubts one Whatsapp away.

Home Physiotherapy

We ensure the rehabilitation is relevant by

- Careful interview of the medical and injury history;
- Modifying the rehabilitation exercises to suit your home environment so that your loved ones can practise regularly;
- Setting up the exercise equipment as necessary.

Experienced in Home Physiotherapy

Hours of home physiotherapy provided
Age of the youngest patient
Age of the oldest patient

conditions treated in Home Physiotherapy

  • Neurological condition – stroke, cerebral palsy
  • Geriatric rehabilitation – frality, fall prevention, maintenance
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal condition – pain or injury at back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.

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