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Exercise Equipment for Home Physiotherapy

One frequently asked question regarding home physiotherapy for the elderly is ‘What exercise equipment do I need to prepare?’ This question can be answered three-fold: Often the physiotherapist will recommend what exercise equipment is required after a detailed assessment of the elderly’s condition;  The requirement for exercise equipment may change over time as the elderly …

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Home physiotherapy

How Does Home Physiotherapy Work for Elderly

Struck by operation, disease or frailty, the elderly may regress to reduced activity levels or even be home-bound/bed-bound. Halting this regression as much as possible and rehabilitating their mobility, strength, and balance will significantly improve the elderly’s well-being. However, sometimes it may not be convenient for the family to arrange time-off or transport to bring …

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Knee cap pain

Knee cap pain

What is Knee Cap Pain It is also known as Patellofemoral Joint Pain (PFPS). Patella is a small round bone at the front of the knee, located in front of the thigh bone, forming a joint with the latter. Some people develop pain in this joint, resulting in restrictions in squatting, jumping, running, negotiating stairs …

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Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder dislocation

What is a shoulder dislocation? Shoulder dislocation occurs when the shoulder joint comes out of the socket (i.e. the humeral head comes out of the glenoid). Two main types of shoulder dislocation: Traumatic shoulder dislocation Atraumatic shoulder dislocation Traumatic shoulder dislocation How does traumatic shoulder dislocation happen? It is usually associated with (a) high impact force …

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